WTI is an SDB Staffing Service supporting the Washington, DC area.

We offer Staffing Services, Bilingual Assistance, and Conference Support.

GSA Schedule 736

Temporary Administrative and Professional Staffing

736-1 Administrative Support and Clerical Occupations
736-2 Automatic Data Processing Occupations
736-5 Technical Occupations



561310 Employment Placement Agencies
561110 Office Administrative Services
561320 Temporary Help Services
541430 Graphic Design Services
561920 Convention and Trade Show Organizers

As a local small business, Walton-Thomas International is proud to provide our support and service to the DC area. Our staffing service is dedicated to supporting you in the truest sense of the word. We stand behind you and ensure that your work gets done. We are committed to help where help is needed and enjoy being of service to you.

Positioned in the Nationís capital, we pride ourselves on our diverse international support staff, many of whom are bilingual. Focusing our efforts on designing a service that caters to the needs of this area, Walton-Thomas International attracts educated and well-rounded individuals who are skilled in many areas. Many of our candidates are also fluent in Spanish or speak more than one language and may be able to assist you with basic written or spoken translations. Working with the federal and local government is especially rewarding for us as a minority owned and operated small business.

For more than two decades, we have remained a local, independent small business, making Walton-Thomas International a unique staffing service that offers the best of old and new. Led by a team of young, forward thinking individuals, we have maintained our focus on providing exceptional service in a fast-paced world. Aptly skilled at addressing modern needs with quick and efficient results; we never forget the value of the personal-touch and remain flexible and easily accessible.

Consistent with our service, we offer the professional assistance you need and the quality support that you deserve. We propose solutions that are strategically designed and flexible to your needs as well as your budget. Our areas of expertise are administrative support, conference support, and bilingual services. We have been putting our principles of support and service to work in the DC area since 1982 and hope to put them to work for you. If we can assist you, please call us directly at 202.223.3938.


  • Hawley-Thomas Enterprises, Inc.
  • d.b.a. Walton-Thomas International
  • Schedule 736

  • Temporary Administrative
  • and Professional Staffing
  • Administrative Support and Clerical Occupations

  • Accounting Clerk
  • Duplicating Machine Operator
  • General Clerk
  • Key Entry Operator
  • Personnel Assistant
  • Secretary
  • Switchboard Operator
  • Word Processor
  • Automatic Data
    Processing Occupations

  • Computer Operator
  • Computer Programmer
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Peripheral Equipment Operator
  • Technical Occupations

  • Drafter
  • Graphic Artist
  • Legal Assistant
  • Technical Writer